Assistant Engineer civil Kerala PWD Syllabus

Kerala PSC invites the application for the post of Assistant Engineer civil Kerala PWD Syllabus .The main topics are Hydraulic Structures,Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering,Fluid Mechanics,Concrete Technology,Steel Structures,Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering,Transportation Engineering,Construction and Project Management,Reinforced Concrete Structures,Bridge Engineering,Civil Engineering Materials and Construction,Environmental Engineering,Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis,Surveying.

Detailed Assistant Engineer civil Kerala PWD Syllabus

Assistant Engineer civil Kerala PWD Syllabus Concrete Technology

Mechanics of Solids and Structural Analysis

Stresses and strains, Shear force and bending moment, Moment of inertia, Analysis of frames. Theory of
simple bending, Torsion, Columns and struts, Direct and bending stresses. Thin cylinders and thick
cylinders, Strain energy, Deflection of beams, Three hinged and two hinged arches, Analysis of frames

Fluid Mechanics & Water resources Engineering

Fluid pressure and its measurement. Hydrostatic forces on surfaces, Bernoulli’s and Eulers theory, Flow through pipes, Flow through orifice and mouthpieces, Flow over notches and weirs, Open channel flow, Buoyancy, Metacentre, Lock gate. Spillways, River engineering, Design of lined and unlined canals, Canal head works, Cross drainage works.

Surveying and Levelling

Assistant Engineer civil Kerala PWD Syllabus

Chain survey, Theodolite survey. Compass survey, Plane table survey, Levelling, Contours, Simpson’s rule, Trapezoidal rule, Mass curve.

Building Materials and Construction

Bricks, Timber, Cement. Concrete, Tests for quality assurance. Estimation, Specification, Valuation.Various components of a building. Bearing capacity of soil. Types of foundation, Earth retaining
Environmental Engineering

Waste water Characteristics, Systems of sewerage, Design of circular sewer, Waste water disposal systems, Dilution techniques, land treatment, Self purification of streams, Treatment of sewage, Theory and principles of Screen and Grit chamber, Detritus chamber, Skimming tank, Primary treatmentSedimentation tank, Trickling filter, Activated sludge process, Septic tank, Oxidation pond. Sludge treatment and disposal methods.

Design of structures
Concrete technology, Mix design, Design of RCC structures- working stress and limit state design concepts. Design of retaining walls, bridges and water tanks, prestressed concrete

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