Assistant engineer interview questions- 10

Assistant engineer interview questions 2016

What is the Head of Idukki power generation ?

660 meter

What is distributed Generation


It is the small scale technologies to produce electricity close to the end users of power.

Different types of Hydro Electric Power plant?
    Run off river
    Semi Storage
    Storage type
What is the purpose of auxiliary relay in substation ?


When the breaker close the contact will interlock .That time we are using the auxiliary relay

Explain the substation Earthing


In Substation we are using the mild steel earth mat of 32 mm diameter in 0.5m depth

what is Step Potential


The step potential is defined as the potential difference between a persons outstretched feet, normally 1 metre apart, without the person touching any earthed structure.

Touch Potential


The touch potential is defined as the potential difference between a persons outstretched hand, touching an earthed structure, and his foot. A persons maximum reach is normally assumed to be 1 metre.

Which is the latest hydel electric power plant kerala?

Ans:Adyanpara hydroelectric power project

    Capacity :3.5 MW
    Cost:27.09 crore
    Time Taken :18 Months
Condition for synchronization generator?


    equal line voltage
    equal frequency
    equal phase sequence
    equal phase angle
    waveform to that of the system to which it is being synchronized
Why conductor are in circular shape


To reduce the corona loss and skin effect

Different conductor and its voltage range


Moose conductor —400KV and 80 A
Racon conductor —11 Kv and 200 A
Rabbit Conductor —415 V
Dog Conductor — 33 KV

What is penstock?

penstock -Assistant engineer interview questions 2016


A Penstock is a sluice or gate or intake structure that controls water flow ,or an enclosed pipe that delivers water to hydro turbines and sewerage systems. It is a term that has been inherited from the earlier technology of mill ponds and water mills.

What is the difference between isolator and AB switch ?


Isolator can be operated at no load ,But AB switch can be operated at light load.Both Air Braeker switches in 11 KV .

what is creepage distance?


creepage distance is the shortest distance in air between two conductive parts.In the case of insulator distance between the surface of the insulator and metal parts .While designing an insulator the creepage distance is mandatory


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