Assistant engineer interview questions – 5

  • Which type of cb used for 11 Kv feeder?
  • Vacuum circuit breaker

  • What is the difference between Electrical engineering and electronics engineering ?
  • Ans:Electrical engineering main concern is use of electrical energy for transmission and conversion of power.
    Electronics engineers main concern is use of electrical energy for transmission of information.

  • How can test the quality of house earth without any device ?
  • By connecting a bulb between phase and earth pit(point) and checking the brightness .

  • Main difference between dielectric and Insulator?
  • Ans:Dielectric is polarised and insulator are not
    All dielectric are insulator but insulators may not be dielectric
    Dielectric can store charge insulator are not

  • How many earthing will be provided for power transformer?
  • Ans:Earth for lighting ,arrester located near at the pole structure
    Neutral Earthing
    Body earthing

    In turbo alternator damper winding are not used why ?


    The turbo alternator have round rotor rotating at high speeds. This solid rotor are produce the eddy current .This eddy current will produce the damping mechanism .

    What is the functions of damper winding?


    Damper windings are auxiliary windings.It is connected in series with the field windings.The purpose of this winding is to help the main windings to set up the complete and sufficient field for the satisfacory working without any discontinuity.

    What is the difference between neutral and ground ?


    A neutral is an reference point with in an electrical distribution system. Neutral is used to connect the equipment enclosure to an earth .Care must be taken the voltage should not be higher with respect to the ground.

    A ground represent an electric path ,normally designed to carry the fault current when fault occurs .

    What is the difference between neutral grounding and solid grounding


    As the neutral point of an electric supply system connected to the earth or ground.

    The power system said to be good earthing that is solidly grounded when the neutral of the generator or transformer connected to the ground through conductor of negligible resistance .Low voltage system we are using the solid grounding .

    What is bill or basic impulse level?


    Bill or basic impulse level is the maximum voltage level withstand by an equipment during or before lightning .Bill is used for testing the lightning arrester .All equipment should be bill rated .

    What is the difference between lightening arrester and surge arrester ?


    Lightning arrester are installed outside and connected to the earth.
    Surge arrestor are installed inside the panel and comprising of resistor to nullify the effect of surge.

    What is neutral link?

    Point where all the neutral connected that circuit is called neutral link

    Why fuse are connecting in phase not in neutral and phase?


    If we are providing the fuse in phase and neutral ,the fuse in the neutral first blows and the current will flow through the phase and get shock for the operator .for that safety purpose fuse is provided only on phase wire

    What is the difference between vacuum circuit breaker and SF6 Circuit breaker?
    Technical interview questions -sf6

    sf6 circuit breaker characteristic

    In vacuum CB we are using the vacuum as insulating medium .Vacuum is very good insulator and 11 k we are using the vacuum CB. In the case of SF6 CB ,the sf6 gas we are using for the arc quenching ,its used for the HT and EHT lines .

    What is the purpose of Do Fuse in HT line and how does it work?

    Do fuse is used as breaker when there is fault occurs and also easy to replace .


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