Assistant engineer interview questions – 6

What is ferranti effect?

Ferrranti effect occurs only in the light or no load condition. In the case of of long and short transmission line shunt charging capacitance current more and at that time the reactive power generated more than absorbed .so the receiving end voltage is high .

This effect can reduce by connecting shunt reactor that will absorb the excess reactive power generated .

What is skin effect?

skin-effect-Distribution Interview questions

Skin effect is arises due to non uniform distribution of current through the conductor .More current flow through surface of conductor as compared to the core .So more heat in the surface of conductor .This due to the unequal flux distribution in the conductor .Conductor can be consider as different layer .Inner layer near to conductor having more flux hence more inductive reactance than surface .So more current flow through surface .This is skin effect.

What is smart grid

More automation in grid with advanced technologies make it a smart grid .Smart grid will increase the efficiency.

What is SIL?

Power delivered by a line having no resistance an non load ,which is equal to the surge impedance called SIL.

Distribution Interview questions

  • Total number of consumers in kseb ?
  • Grater than 1.14 cr

  • Allowable frequency change
  • 49.95 to 50.05

  • How much the fixed charge for single phase and three phase
    1. Single phase :Rs 20/-
      For three phase: Rs 40 /-
  • Electricity tariff
  • Rs 2.80 up to 100 units and above 100 its 3.20 .
    In the case of BPL have up to 80 units its 1.50 Rs and load below 1000 w.

  • What is the voltage fot HT,EHT,MEHT,UHT
    1. HT: 11-33
      EHT: 66-220
      MEHT : 440
      UHT: 765 above
  • Different conductors used for transmission?
  • Solid conductor ,Standard conductor, Composite standard ,Bundled conductor

  • Athirapalli project how much the proposed capacity
  • 163MW

  • What is the maximum demand of kerala and installed capacity /
    1. Maximum Demand; 3471 MW
      Installed capacity: 2839 MW


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