Assistant engineer interview questions-9

Interview shortcuts for Assistant engineer

Which are our Interstate Feeders?


    400 KV – Madakkathara
    400 KV – Areekode
    400 KV – Pothencode
    110 KV – Udupi
    60 Kv -Theni
    220 KV-Edamon
Explain The REF relay?


REF is the restricted Fault Relay ,REF relay will find the neutral current of transformer with the help of CT.

Difference between power cut and load shedding ?

Power cut is scheduled and Load shedding is un scheduled

How much the voltage and phase used for the railway traction purpose


25kv and 2 phase AC KSEB will providing 110 KV line supply to railways ,that is two phase . The traction substation convert 110 KV to 25 KV ac .The transformer rating 110KV/25KV and 25 KV is feedad to the line .

What is the disadvantage of Low Power factor?


    High Line loss
    Low line efficiency
    More capital investment required as size of the conductor increases
    Large KVA rating of the equipment
    Large copper loss
    Poor voltage regulation

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Why we are using the inductor coli before the capacitor bank ?


Capacitor charging current infinite if we connect directly connect to the line. If its draws large amount of current to the charger ,so the sudden dip will happen .To avoid the problem we are charging through an inductor .The inductor charging current is zero.

What is co – generation ?


It may be a company or any private sector which generates power for there use and excess will be given to KSEB.

Example: MP steel Ltd co-generation in Palakkad (10 MV)

How to any avoid the Ferranti effect ?


If we insert inductive element in to a system the leading pf will decrease they are called shunt inductor .These are used to reduce the Ferranti effect in the long transmission line.

Transformer breathing gel color ?
    Good Gel : Blue color
    Moister content : Pink color
Over charging Battery life will reduce or not?

Battery life will reduce when its overcharge . We are using floating mode charging with very low current is used in substation.

What is the principle of Induction cooker

Eddy current .


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