DHA Licensing FAQ

Tonytips explain about the DHA Licensing FAQ ,i got lots of enquiry about the dha syllabus ,how to apply for DHA and DHA previous year question paper .Please go through the FAQ

DHA Licensing FAQ

How to Apply pharmacist at Dubai

first you visit the website DHA. Create your log in ID by selecting your username and password.Enter your name in passport.Then go to your inbox in individual home after log in.At first they ask to fill online application.Then you get the information to your email instantly.

DHA Licensing FAQ

Explain about DHA ,official website of DHA .what was the exam pattern and everything, how much of expensive it is.?

first you visit the DHA website and register your application

  • create your log in id by selecting username and password
  • Then you go to your inbox individual home after log in
  • fill online application form
  • Attach the required documents.
  • 1)passport copy 2)passport size photo 3)experience certificate 4)B Pharm degree certificate + transcript 5)valid licence from pharmacy council in home country( scanned form )

After submitting online application wait DHA message to get your application approved
once your application will be approved check your DHA site they will ask to submit payment online. (210 AED)

After submission DHA will send message within 2 to 3 days for book purchase.
then after 2 to 3 days they will send message to submit primary source verification fee online ( its around 750 AED).

After submitting this will take 30 – 60 days for verification.After verification completed DHA will send you dataflow report.In the meanwhile you can book your exam date before the verification report

DHA will confirm your exam date after receiving the payment.
exam on normal basis around 300 AED .IN CASE OF URGENT BASIS ITS MAY BE 2000 AED.
The test is computer based and the passing score is 60 % . and you get the score at the same time after exam.After passing they will issue eligibility letter.then you can search the job and the DHA licence will be issued by the employer at the cost 3000 AED.


Please Expalin the physical Assessment of Nursing

Transfusion Reaction,Crutch Walking,ASSESSMENT FINDINGS : Fluid Volume Deficit and Fluid Volume Excess

I have completed 3.5 year GNM course in 2009, after that i have a three year 4 months continues experience. Then i went for Post Basic Bsc in 2012-2014. After PB Bsc, I have only for months experience. How could i apply for DHA? Shall i wait for two year after PB Bsc? or shall i apply with GNM only?

You have to apply with post basic bsc certificates.For DHA RN exam they should consider total 2 year experience.so apply immediately

i submitted my application for credentialing last week,i’m having problems in paying the 210 AED fee, it always says transaction status: failure.i’m guessing probably its with the type of card?i used prepaid master card for the payment, should i use a credit card instead?

you can use credit card.

I want know now the experience required to write exam for the registered nurse how many years ? i have three years of experience in different organisation.

For write DHA Exam need 2 years experience.no problem with multiple departments

Could you please tell me if the Good standing certificate has any particular format?

For good standing certificate no particular format.

anyone knows the requirements in processing the license. I have DHA Eligibility Letter. I like to know what requirements they need so I can prepare them in advance?

if u apply in any hospital they will issue DHA Licence for you,they wants eligibility letter only

I have pass my post basic B.Sc nursing exam I 2015.how much experience require for staff nurse position for DHA and HAAD after post basic B.sc nursing?

After post BSc needs 2 years experience to write RN exam

I am considering coming to Dubai to write the DHA exam, is it really necessary it most be in Dubai, can I write it in Ghana and maybe once I get job I can come to Dubai.What is probably length between passing the exam and getting a job.

When you pass exam you can apply to any hospital they will issue licence as soon as possible.in Dubai there is many job opportunities.

Can you please tell me is good standing certificate is necessary for pharmacist to apply dha exam online?
City-Hospital-DHA Licensing FAQ

Yes its necessary

I have DHA eligibility letter. had applied through a facility. how much time is required to get the license. my PSV is also done.

its needs maximum 1 month only

I would like to know one thing from you.I have completed 3.6 years revised General Nursing and Midwifery course and after that I have 3 .4 years continuous experience in the hospital.Then I have done Post Basic Bsc Nursing followed that 8 months experience till now.Can I write for DHA RN or it is mandatory that after Post BSc 2 years experience is must.Kindly give me an answer or a favourable opinion.

For writing DHA RN needs total 2 years experience only.but for HAAD RN it should be 2 Years experience after post basic BSc Nursing.

For writing DHA RN needs total 2 years experience only.but for HAAD RN it should be 2 Years experience after post basic BSc Nursing?

For writing DHA RN needs 2 years experience after GNM.

I have completed GNM of 3 AND 1/2 years in FEBRUARY 2009 (Andhra Pradesh) and then I worked till OCT 2011.Then i did Post Basic nursing from OCT 2011 to DECEMBER 2014. But I got provisional in AUGUST 2015 only because of some backlogs in theory but I am working without any break. Now I like to know whether am I eligible to write DHA with Post basic nursing Qualification or GNM qualification only..?

You can apply for dataflow first.You are eligible for writing DHA Exam.

I’ve done my BSc (chemistry), I’am also pursuing my D-pharmacy course. However, I have 2 years working experience as a medical rep. I like to know whether I’m eligible for DHA or MAH exam or not. Will this help me to get job in UAE as pharmacist or not?

For writing DHA Exam the experience should be as a pharmacist.

I started the registration for the DHA and it has been more that 8 days my status says it is being reviewed by the regulatory staff. Does it usually take this much time, should I contact them? My other question is I have Msc in nursing and I have 2 years post experience and am I going to take the prometric test?

Its depends .Usually its takes 3 weeks for the completion of data flow.

I have only entered only a photo ad a passport and then it kept me waiting. How about the pro metric test?

First you create an account in DHA in this website DHA registration and upload your documents what they are asking.From the site, select the Health Regulation Service menu where you will find the the option “New Professional License.” After that you will get all information in your e mail

I am b.pharm fresher from india.Can i get a job as tranee pharmacist in uae without dha and moh….?

To work in UAE need any licence.

i want to apply for dha from india .I am physical therapist …one year ago i applied for dha bt my file was not completed just coz i didnot hv two year experience …now i hv 2 year experience …can i apply now for dha?

Yes,of course you can apply now.

Is It after submitting the application .they will send the psv report in step declaration …they are asking to upload the psv report ? what should I do for that ?

please visit dataflowgroup.

I’ m working as staff nurse in KSA. Is there age limit for DHA License?

No age limit

i want to knew if i am eligible to write DHA exam and also how can i do it, am working presently in Dubai as a receptionist but back home am working as a nurse assistant in which i have diploma certificate in MEDICAL RECORD and also in Auxiliary nurse.

If you have 2 years experience you can apply for DOH exam for practical nurse.you can apply in DHA start the process for dataflow.


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