DHA Licensing Requirements


The DHA was created by Law 13 issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai.It was created in June 2007.His Excellency Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid is the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The main services delivery at DHA are quality, efficiency, patients and staff .Dha provides professional license for Nurses as per the following titles.

  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Midwife
  • Assistant Nurse
DHA Licensing Requirements

In determining the eligibility of an applicant for Licensing with DHA, an applicant is eligible to be licensed if they completely with the following requirements

1. Educational Qualification

  • Approved bachelor degree or its equivalent degree in nursing or nursing less than 3years duration.
  • Current licence to practice in home country and /or country of last employment.
  • Recent practice (no interruption in practice for more than 2 years).
DHA Model Question Paper and Answer

1) A client with COPD is admitted to the medical surgical unit. To help this client maintain a patent airway and achieve maximal gas exchange the nurse should

    a)instruct the client to drink 2L of fluid daily
    b)Maintain the client on bed rest
    c)Administer anxiolytics as prescribed ,to control anxiety
    d)Administer pain medication as prescribed

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2.Documents Required

  • Evidence of successful completion of an approved nursing education programme.
  • Nursing Transcript – the applicant must provide a full transcript clearly stating the breakdown of theoretical and clinical hours per subject of the nursing programme.In case of Post Basic BSc nursing holders ,the applicant must provide GNM transcript and Post BSc transcript.
  • Valid practice licence in country of graduation or country of last employment for prior 2 years.
  • Valid certificate of good standing from previous licensing authorities.
  • Evidence of experience.
  • Passport copy .
  • One colour passport size photo

3. Renewal of licencensure

All healthcare professionals are required to renew their health regulation department licensure every year.All nurses and midwives wishing to renew their licence must demonstrate

  • 15 credit points of accredited continuing professional development(CPD) every year.CPD points shall be accredited by one of the accrediting bodies recognized by DHA.
  • The reporting of the CPD requirements for the purpose of licence renewal must be by submitting /uploading copy of certificates.
  • Procedure For Verification And Good Standing Certificate
    • Request in plain paper with own email address and phone number address of concerned authority to
      whom the certificate is to be issued.
    • Attested copy of registration certificate
    • Attested copy of SSLC page showing date of birth
    • Fee

    • Fee of Rs-2000/per candidate outside the country
    • Rs-500/per candidate within the country


    Megha Baby

    Hi Myself Megha Baby. An post Basic BSc nurse, Presently working as a Registered Nurse (RN) .The knowledge that I have acquired I would like to share here with you.

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    54 Responses

    1. neha says:

      myself neha prashar mpharma and is registered pharmacist in india.i want to work in dubai as a pharmacist please tell me how can i apply.

      • Megha Baby says:

        Hai Neha,first you visit the website https://www.dha.gov.ae/. Create your log in ID by selecting your username and password.Enter your name in passport.Then go to your inbox in individual home after log in.At first they ask to fill online application.Then you get the information to your email instantly.

    2. vinod says:

      hi my self vinod b.pharmacy from india now am at dubai on visit, please tell me about the DHA licence, and i know the official website of DHA but i want to know about what was the exam pattern and everything, how much of expensive it is. hope you understand. waiting for your reply. thank u

      • Megha Baby says:

        first you visit the DHA website http://www.dha.gov.ae click on the link and register

        • create your log in id by selecting username and password
        • Then you go to your inbox individual home after log in
        • fill online application form
        • Attach the required documents.
        • 1)passport copy 2)passport size photo 3)experience certificate 4)B Pharm degree certificate + transcript 5)valid licence from pharmacy council in home country
        • ( scanned form )

        After submitting online application wait DHA message to get your application approved
        once your application will be approved check your DHA site they will ask to submit payment online. (210 AED)
        after submission DHA will send message within 2 to 3 days for book purchase.
        then after 2 to 3 days they will send message to submit primary source verification fee online ( its around 750 AED).

        After submitting this will take 30 – 60 days for verification.After verification completed DHA will send you dataflow report.In the meanwhile you can book your examdate before the verification report
        DHA will confirm your exam date after receiving the payment.
        exam on normal basis around 300 AED .IN CASE OF URGENT BASIS ITS MAY BE 2000 AED.
        The test is computer based and the passing score is 60 % . and you get the score at the same time after exam..
        after passing they will issue eligibility letter.
        then you can search the job and the DHA licence will be issued by the employer at the cost 3000 AED.

    3. jins says:

      hi, i am jins
      I have completed 3.5 year GNM course in 2009, after that i have a three year 4 months continuse experience. Then i went for Post Basic Bsc in 2012-2014. After PB Bsc, I have only for months experience. How could i apply for DHA? Shall i wait for two year after PB Bsc? or shall i apply with GNM only? Please advice me….its urgent….thank u….

      • Megha Baby says:

        You have to apply with post basic bsc certificates.For DHA RN exam they should consider total 2 year experience.so apply immediately..thank you.

    4. john says:

      Hi.. good day, i submitted my application for credentialing last week,i’m having problems in paying the 210 AED fee, it always says transaction status: failure.

      i’m guessing probably its with the type of card?i used prepaid mastercard for the payment, should i use a credit card instead?

    5. VINOD KUMAR says:



    6. john says:

      I already receive an eligibility letter from my sheryan account. But the datafliw havent email me yet the certificate of verification.can i request it from them or do i have to wait longer?

    7. vinoth says:

      hi I am vinoth I want know now the experience required to write exam for the registered nurse how many years ? I heard minimum 2 years need for that, so if its 2 years requirement it can be one organization one year and another organization one year ?.to cover the multiple department in hospital. please advice as soon as possible. Thank you.

    8. Amy P Jain says:

      Could you please tell me if the Good standing certificate has any particular format? I am an Occupational therapist, planning to apply for DHA.

    9. Nesskie says:

      Hi anyone knows the requirements in processing the license. I have DHA Eligibility Letter. I like to know what requirements they need so I can prepare them in advance. Thank you!

      • Megha Baby says:

        hi, if u apply in any hospital they will issue DHA Licence for you,they wants eligibility letter only

    10. Alka panchal says:

      I hv pass my post basic B.Sc nursing exam I 2015.how much experience require for staff nurse position for DHA and HAAD after post basic B.sc nursing?

    11. Lukmon Busari says:

      Thanks for the good work you are doing here.
      Please am considering coming to Dubai to write the DHA exam, is it really necessary it most be in Dubai, can I write it in Ghana and maybe once I get job I can come to Dubai.
      What is probably length between passing the exam and getting a job.
      Thanks once again

      • Megha Baby says:

        When you pass exam you can apply to any hospital they will issue licence as soon as possible.in Dubai there is many job opportunities.

    12. soumya ananthula says:

      Can you please tell me is good standing certificate is necessary for pharmacist to apply dha exam online

    13. pallavi says:

      I hv DHA eligibility letter. had applied through a facility. how much time is required to get the license. my PSV is also done.

    14. MANU GEORGE says:

      Hai Mam,
      My name is Manu George and I would like to know one thing from you.I have completed 3.6 years revised General Nursing and Midwifery course and after that I have 3 .4 years continous experience in the hospital.Then I have done Post Basic Bsc Nursing followed that 8 months experience till now.Can I write for DHA RN or it is mandatory that after Post BSc 2 years experience is must.Kindly give me an answer or a favourable opinion.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you,
      Manu George

      • Megha Baby says:

        For writing DHA RN needs total 2 years experience only.but for HAAD RN it should be 2 Years experience after post basic BSc Nursing.

    15. Sreeja says:

      Hilo madam, am Sreeja having 1 year and 8 months of experience with gnm and I have joined for pbbsc now I don’t have experience in pcbsc whether I will be eligible to write dha

    16. Lean says:

      Hi mam!.. I just want to ask how much will it cost for DHA RN EXAM? Thank you

    17. saif ali says:

      Is there a criteria for attempting DHA
      Coz I heard that u should have at least 2years experience

    18. George says:

      Hi madam….Thank you very much for your great valuable suggestions for many people. I hope you can give me right suggestion. I have completed GNM of 3 AND 1/2 years in FEBRUAY 2009 (Andhra Pradesh) and then I worked till OCT 2011.Then i did Post Basic nursing from OCT 2011 to DECEMBER 2014. But I got provisionals in AUGUST 2015 only because of some backlogs in theory but I am working without any break. Now I like to know whether am I eligible to write DHA with Post basic nursing Qualification or GNM qualification only..?
      Thanking you very much in advance.

    19. Abid Khan says:

      Hi, Megha,

      Thank you for your information, I’ve done my BSc (chemistry), I’am also pursuing my D-pharmacy course. However, I have 2 years working experience as a medical rep. I like to know whether I’m eligible for DHA or MAH exam or not. Will this help me to get job in UAE as pharmacist or not.

    20. Amanuel says:

      Hello mam,
      Thank you for your informative suggestions. I started the registration for the DHA and it has been more that 8 days my status says it is being reviewed by the regulatory staff. Does it usually take this much time, should I contact them? My other question is I have Msc in nursing and I have 2 years post experience and am I going to take the prometric test?Thank you

    21. shafna says:

      Is It after submitting the application ..they vl send the psv report…in step declaration …they are asking to upload the psv report ? what should I do for that ?

    22. Mariam pangan says:

      I’ m Mariam working as staff nurse in KSA. Is there age limit for DHA License?

    23. sharon says:

      pls, i want to kno if i am eligible to write DHAexam and also how can i do it, am working presently in Dubai as a receptionist but back home am working as a nurse assistant in which i have diploma certificate in MEDICAL RECORD and also in Auxilliary nurse.

      • Megha Baby says:

        If you have 2 years experience you can apply for DOH exam for practical nurse.you can apply in DHA start the process for dataflow.

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