DHA Model Question Paper Three

1) Packed red blood cells have been prescribed for a client with low hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. The nurse takes the clien’s temperature before hanging the blood transfusion and records 100.6 F.which of the following is the appropriate nursing action ?

    a) Begin the transfusion as prescribed
    b) Delay hanging the blood and notify the physician
    c) Administer an antihistamine and begin the transfusion
    d) Administer two tablets of acetaminophen and begin the transfusion

2) A client receiving the transfusion of packed red blood cells (PRBCs ) begin to vomit. The client’s blood pressure is 90/50 mmHg from a baseline of 125/78 m Hg. The client’s temperature is 100.8 F FROM A BASELINE OF 99.2 F . the nurse determines that the client may be experiencing which complication of blood transfusion ?

    a) Septicemia
    b) Hyperkalemia
    c) Circulatory overload
    d) Delayed transfusion reaction

3) The nurse determines that a client is having a transfusion reaction. After the nurse stops the transfusion, which action should immediately be taken next?

    a) Remove the intravenous line
    b) Run a solution of 5% dextrose in water
    c) Run normal saline at a keep vein open rate
    d) Obtain a culture of the tip the catheter device removed from the client

4) The nurse has just received a unit of packed blood cells from the blood bank for transfusion to an assigned client. The nurse is careful to select tubing especially made for blood products, knowing that this tubing is manufactured with?
a) An air vent
b) An in line filter
c) A microdrip chamber
d) Tinted tubing to protect the blood from light
5) A client has received a transfusion of platelets. The nurse evaluates that the client is benefiting most from this therapy if the client exhibits which of the following ?

    a) Increased hematocrit level
    b) Increased hemoglobin level
    c) Decline of elevated temperature to normal
    d) Decreased oozing of blood from puncture sites and gums

6) The nurse has obtained a unit of blood from the blood bank and has checked the blood bag properly with another nurse. Just before beginning the transfusion, the nurse assesses which priority item ?

    a) Vital signs
    b) Skin color
    c) Urine output
    d) Latest hematocrit level

7) The nurse has just received a p[rescription to transfuse a unit of packed red blood cells for an assigned client. Approximately how long will the nurse need to stay with the client to ensure that a transfusion reaction is not occurring ?

    a) 5 minutes
    b) 15 minutes
    c) 30 minutes
    d) 45 minutes

8) A client has a prescription of to receive a unit of packed red blood cells. The nurse should obtain which of the following intravenous solutions from the IV storage area to hang with the blood product at the client’s bedside ?

    a) Lactated ringers
    b) 0.9 % sodium chloride
    c) 5% dextrose in 0.9 % sodium chloride
    d) 5% dextrose in 0,45% sodium chloride

9) The nurse listening to morning report learns that an assigned client received a unit of granulocytes the previous evening. The nurse makes a note to assess the results of which of the following daily serum laboratory studies to assess the effectiveness of the transfusion ?

    a) Hematocrit level
    b) Erythrocyte count
    c) Hemoglobin level
    d) White blood cell count

10) The nurse who is about to begin a blood transfusion knows that blood cells starts to deteriorate after a certain period of time. Which of the following items is important to check regarding the age of blood cells before the transfusion is begun ?

    a) Expiration date
    b) Presence of clots
    c) Blood group and type
    d) Blood identification number

DHA Model Question Paper Three

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