DHA Model Question Paper Two

1) The nurse is teaching a client who has iron deficiency anemia about foods she should include in her diet. The nurse determines that the client understands the dietary modifications if she selects which of the following from her menu ?

    a) Nuts and milk
    b) Coffee and tea
    c) Cooked rolled oats and fish
    d) Oranges and dark green leafy vegetables

2) A nurse is planning to teach a client with malabsorption syndrome about the necessity of following a low fat diet. The nurse develops a list of high fat foods to avoid and includes which food item on the list ?

    a) Oranges
    b) Broccoli
    c) Cream cheese
    d) Broiled haddock

3) The nurse instruct the client with renal failure who is receiving hemodialysis about dietary modifications. The nurse determines that the client understands these dietary modifications if the client selects which item from the dietary menu ?

    a) Cream of wheat, blueberries, coffee
    b) Sausage and eggs, banana, orange juice
    c) Bacon, cantaloupe melon, tomato juice
    d) Cured pork, grits, strawberries, orange juice

4) The nurse is conducting a dietary assessment on a client who is on a vegan diet. The nurse provides dietary teaching focusing on foods high in which vitamin that may be lacking in a vegan diet ?

    a) Vitamin A
    b) Vitamin B 12
    c) Vitamin C
    d) Vitamin E

5) A client with hypertension has been told to maintain a diet low in sodium. A nurse who is teaching this client about foods that are allowed includes which food item in a list provided to the client ?

    a) Tomato soup
    b) Boiled shrimp
    c) Instant oatmeal
    d) Summer squash

6) A nurse is caring for a client with cirrhosis of the liver. To minimize the effects of the disorder, the nurse teaches the client about foods that are high in thiamine. The nurse determines that the client has the best understanding of the dietary measures to follow if the client states an intention to increase the intake of ?

    a) Pork
    b) Milk
    c) Chicken
    d) Broccoli

7) The nurse is instructing a client with hypertension on the importance of choosing foods low in sodium. The nurse should teach the client to limit which of the following foods ?

    a) Apples
    b) Bananas
    c) Smoked sausage
    d) Steamed vegetables

8) A client who is recovering from a clear liquid diet to a full liquid diet. The client is looking forward to the diet change because he has been “bored” with the clear liquid diet. The nurse would offer which full liquid item to the client ?

    a) Tea
    b) Gelatin
    c) Custard
    d) Popsicle

9) The client is recovering from abdominal surgery and has a large abdominal wound. A nurse encourages the client to eat which food item that is naturally high in vitamin C to promote wound healing ?

    a) Milk
    b) Oranges
    c) Bananas
    d) Chicken

10) A post operative client has been placed on a clear liquid diet. The nurse provides the client with which item that are allowed to be consumed on this diet. Select all that apply.

    a) Broth
    b) Coffee
    c) Gelatin
    d) Pudding
    e) Vegetable juice
    f) Pureed vegetables

DHA Model Question Paper Two

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