kseb Sub-Engineer Interview Questions

July 22nd started the interview for the post of kseb Sub-engineer,here i discusses some important questions.

  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Power system
  • Difference between isolator and circuit breaker
  • Explain Modulation
  • Substation
  • Projects(individual curriculum projects)
  • Explain Isolator,Circuit breaker,Power factor
  • Conductor used for the 33Kv and 66Kv Line
  • earth mat design(Earth mat design conductor mild steel)
  • Gage conductor used for the grounding mat
  • Norton and Thevenin theorem
  • Transformer Types
  • Time of day meter (TOD)
Question related to domestic appliance(kseb Sub-engineer Interview Questions)
    Electric circuit breaker.
    Miniature Circuit Breaker.
    CFL and incandescent.
    Induction cooker.
    Sub circuit in home.

TOD Meter

It can measure Energy,max demand,PF,Voltage,Current

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  1. Jaseela says:

    I am jaseela trivandrum, working as a meter reader in kseb, sir my sub- engineer interview on 12th this month . Pls help me.

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