Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights When Hospitalised
  • Right to considerate and respectful care
  • Right to be informed about diagnosis , possible treatments,likely outcome,and to discuss this information with the physician.
  • right to know the names and roles of person who are involved in care.
  • Right to consent or refuse a treatment.
  • Right to have an advance directive.
  • Right to privacy.
  • Right to expect that medical records are confidential.
  • Right to review the medical record and to have information explained.
  • Right to expect that the hospital will provide necessary health services.
  • Right to know if the hospital has relationship with outside parties that may influence treatment or care.
  • Right to consent or refuse to take part in research.
  • Right to be told of realistic care alternatives when hospital care is no longer appropriative.
  • Right to know about hospital rules that affect treatment , and about charges and payment methods.
Home Care After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Patient Rights and Responsibilities-Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  • Omit play outside for several weeks.
  • Avoid activities in which the child could fall and be injured such as bike riding for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Avoid crowds for 2 weeks after discharge.
  • Follow a non added salt diet if prescribed.
  • Do not add any new foods to the infant’s diet ( if any allergy exists to the new food , the manifestations may be interpreted as a postoperative complication.).
  • Do not place creams , lotions , or powders on the incision until completely healed.
  • The child may return to school usually the third week after discharge ,starting with half days.
  • The child should not participate in physical education for 2 months.
  • Instruct the parents to discipline the child normally.
  • Instruct the parents about the importance of 2 week follow up.
  • Avoid immunizations, invasive procedures, and dental visits for 2 months; following this time period ,the immunization schedule and dental visit need to be resumed.
  • Advise the parents regarding the importance of a dental visit every 6 months after age 3 years and to inform the dentist of the cardiac problem so that antibiotics can be prescribed if necessary.
  • Instruct the parents to call the physician if coughing , tachypnoea , cyanosis , vomitting , diarrhoea , anorexia , pain or fever occur, or any swelling redness or drainage occurs at the site of the incision.

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